Pinpoint Your Problem Foods

FoodMarble is a digital health start-up based in Dublin. With a focus on innovative health research and accessible solutions, they've created the FoodMarble AIRE personal digestive tracker and app, which allows you to track your digestion at home. In 2016, FoodMarble was one of 15 startup ideas selected globally to take part in HAX, the world's largest hardware accelerator. Since their launch in 2018, they've sold over 15,000 devices in 50 countries.


Stylish Dress Shirts

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, this impeccable selection of shirting by Celino has you covered — at least from collar to cuff. Each piece boasts a flattering fit and sartorial flair, and their trademark reversible cuffs.


Velvet Accent Chairs

Unexpected and eye catching, Urbia's collection of home furnishings elegantly fuses urban and organic aesthetic—crafting a range of timeless, artisan pieces that are both simple unique. Every one of their designs utilizes only the highest quality natural and reclaimed materials sourced from around the world.