Masculine Bracelets

Noon specializes in the latest trends in fashion and accessories with a keen eye for details. This carefully curated selection of jewelry features pieces that are bold, masculine, and versatile.

MTR Design

Interactive Ferrofluid Sculptures

MTR Design is dedicated to creating pieces that effortlessly combine modern design with science to create one of a kind works of art. Utilizing space age technology, these Ferrofluid displays will be the center of attention wherever they are placed.

The Herbal Infuser

Fast Butters, Oils, & Tinctures

The Herbal Infuser® aka Hi® is a remarkable countertop machine that allows anyone to produce their own Herbal Infusions in the privacy of their home. CBD tinctures are in high demand, but the quality and cost make it unattainable for so many. The solution is to Get Hi® and make your own. Making your own infused butter, oil, tincture, honey, and skincare is made effortless with the Herbal Infuser®. Create your own herbal remedies, saving thousands while having the comfort of knowing exactly what you’re ingesting.