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Bondic Super Bundle

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Product Description

Invented by a dentist, Bondic is the original Liquid Plastic Welder, designed to work where glue fails. It’s liquid plastic that doesn't harden until you need it to, so you can bond, build, fix, and fill almost anything. It uses a unique liquid formula which, hardens into plastic in 4 seconds - but only when exposed to the special UV light, which means you have plenty of time to work with it.

The Bondic tool fits in your pocket and is simple and easy to use: just clean, fill, cure, and shape. And this super bundle includes everything you need to weld fabric, wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic time and time again. It's basically a pocket-sized, battery-operated 3D printer.

Product Details
  • ColorsOrange, Black
  • Materials
    Liquid Plastic
  • Measurements
    6"L x 3"W x 1"H
  • OriginCanada

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Quick Release Cartridge System For Easy Refill Replacements
— Bonds, Builds, Fixes, & Fills Almost Any Material (Plastic, Metal, Glass, Etc.)
— Cures In Seconds When Exposed To UV Light, Even While Underwater
— Can Be Painted After Curing
— Never Dries Out In The Tube
— Once Cured Withstands Temperatures From -40°F To 302°F
— 4 Grams Of Bondic Liquid Per Tube
— Non-Toxic When Properly Cured With UV Light
— Unopened Unit Has Shelf Life Of At Least One Year

— Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Pen
— Cleaning Cloth
— Tub O'Towel Heavy Duty Wipe
— Storage Tin

— Do Not Use In Direct Sunlight. Liquid Will Harden Early Because of The UV Rays

What size battery does this operate with?

The LED light takes 2 x 2016, although it is not designed to have the batteries replaced. It's recommended to replace the LED light when it becomes too dim to cure the liquid plastic.

Is there an expiration date on the product?

The shelf life of an unopened unit is at least a year (at room temperature) but have experienced much longer times.

Can it bond clothing (thread) to plastic?

Clothing actually bonds quite well with Bondic Liquid Plastic, the clothing usually absorbs a portion of the liquid which is then cured with the UV light. For plastic, if the surface is roughed up with a shaping tool or nail file, it can create a larger surface area to bond to. So YES and YES, to both plastic and clothing.

Is this refillable?

Yes, each Bondic Kit can be refilled by purchasing refill cartridges that fit in the specified Bondic handhelds.

What is the tensile strength of the bond when using to repair metal?

For this situation, it really depends on the amount of Bondic you use, the type of metal, and the amount of surface area (Smooth or rough). It can be used to fill cracks or holes in metal but should not be a substitute for actual metal.

Will Bondic stick to polycarbonate plastic?

Bondic will stick to the surface if it has enough room to anchor on. In the past, we have successfully used Bondic on various types of plastics including polycarbonate plastic. Ensure that the area is roughed up with the included shaping tool. Build the Bondic in layers and then cure it with the UV light. Keep in mind, Bondic is very easy to remove from smooth surfaces, if the surface is rough it will anchor it in place.

Can you use it on sterling silver or gold?

Yes, Bondic can be used on sterling silver and gold. However, as both surfaces are normally smooth, Bondic may have trouble anchoring onto the surface. Bondic requires a rough surface or a wide surface area to mount the liquid plastic. By building up the surface with thin layers of Bondic, you can create a mounting point from Bondic, as it will bond to itself better than any other material.

Can this melt, bond and fix plastic just by using the welder only by itself without using any kind of plastic refills?

Bondic is designed to join pieces together or repair small items. Bondic utilizes UV plastic, where the Bondic fluid is applied and then exposed by UV Light.
Once the liquid plastic in the tube is completed, refill tubes can be purchased at a later date.

Can it be removed in case of an error?

Bondic can be removed from most surfaces. For surfaces with a smooth surface, Bondic can be knocked off or picked off if you separate the cured plastic from the surface.

Will it work on a plastic gas tank?

We do not recommend using Bondic on a plastic gas tank, as Bondic has not been lab tested with gasoline. We recommend getting the gas tank professionally done.

Will it bond glass?

We do not recommend using Bondic to bond two separate pieces of glass. In the past, people have used Bondic to fill in chips in glass or even add a filling to the side of a window to make it airtight.

Can you use this product to repair a smart phone glass screen?

Although Bondic can be used as a temporary fix to smooth over glass pieces, we do not recommend using Bondic as a permanent solution. Bondic will act like any normal plastic once cured and has not been lab tested for new touchscreen compatibilities. We recommend getting the screen professionally repaired.

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