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FOCI Focus Boosting Wearable // Silver

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Product Description

The human mind is one of the most complicated objects in the known universe, and understanding how it works has become the subject of intense research. FOCI is based on two decades of some of the most interesting research into cognition: neuro-respiration.

Researchers have established that our breathing pattern is closely correlated with our subconscious cognitive state. When we consider how our breathing changes when we are stressed or relaxed, this seems intuitive. FOCI features a motion sensor that detects tiny movements in your breathing, and uses a powerful and agile form of machine learning to determine your neuro-respiratory pattern and current emotion state in real time.

This app-connected wearable keeps a record of your cognitive streaks throughout the day to let you know that you have maintained a state of focus, flow, calm, distraction, stress, or fatigue for a certain period. View your emotion records, set pomodoro timers, receive detailed productivity stats, and customize 5 types of haptic distraction alerts on the device, to cut short your distractions. FOCI can also be used to start a Deep Work Session with biofeedback.

The Focus Biofeedback assisted meditation feature helps you develop your ability to tune into deep focus by letting you know when you are doing it right. This feature includes complementary audio that gradually transitions from the soothing sound of rain to birds chirping as you reach a state of deeper focus. The Focus Tuning meter will help guide you to relax your body as you breathe in, and feel as much bodily sensation as you can as you breath out. Repeat these 2 steps, and use the Focus Tuning meter to naturally find your way into a state of deep focus.

When you are stressed or fatigued, you disengage the different regions of your brain, which stops you from being focused. Rather than attempting to push through—which would be counter-productive—the Deep Relaxation Biofeedback feature helps you enter a state of deep relaxation so that you can reboot quickly. Similar to Focus Tuning, you can see and hear your Deep Relaxation level, along with adaptive breathing pacing to dynamically guide your breathing to the optimal breathing rhythm to help you focus or relax.

The Focus Boost feature provides both Focus Biofeedback and Deep Relaxation Biofeedback to help you tune your focus or to relax, while the Deep Work Session is ideal for helping you concentrate while you are working.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite, Silver
  • Materials
    Stainless Steel Clip, Abs Plastic Body
  • Measurements
    1.73"L x 0.82"W x 0.51"H
  • OriginChina

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Lightweight Wearable Device (10g)
— Connects To Free Foci App For iOS & Android
— Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
— Power: 1 Week Under Typical Usage
— Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 & Above
— Compatibility: iPhone 5 & Above Running iOS 8 or Later; Android Device Running OS 4.3 or Later With Bluetooth 4.0 Support
— Waterproof
— Charging Cable Included

— Machine Learning: Profiles Your Physiology & Translates Breathing Patterns Into Emotion States
— Emotion Records: Tracks Elemental Emotion States, Such As Focus, Distraction, Stress, Calm, Fatigue, & Flow During Seated Work
— Negative Emotion Analytics: Evaluate Risks Of Frustration, Distractibility, Procrastination, Burnout, & Anxiety That Impact Focus
— Distraction Alert: Fully Customisable, To Cut Short Various States Of Distraction, Such As Stress & Fatigue
— Deep Work Session: Provides Actionable In-work Stats, Such As Mental Performance, Tension Overload & Flow Traction Metrics
— Productivity Reports: Summarizes Focus & Tension Level Along With Key Productivity Metrics
— Biofeedback Training: Learn To Consciously Control Attention & Tension Levels With Visual And Audio Translation Of Physiological Signals
— Friend Share: Enable Mutual Share Of Emotion States With Chosen Friends Or Family Members To Promote Better Accountability To Focus

Are there any scientific papers you can point to that show the science behind this device?

Check out the following two papers as an example for your reference.

1. Respiratory Changes in Response to Cognitive Load: A Systematic Review. Neural Plasticity, 2016

2. Respiration-based emotion recognition with deep learning. Computers in Industry, 2017

Does this device help with insomnia?

FOCI is designed for use while working at a desk. It is not advisable to wear it during sleep as sleep has different physiology from that when we are awake, and if you wear FOCI to sleep for a prolonged period, it may skew its learning more toward sleep physiology. However, if you wore it for a quick nap or a single night, it would likely register as calm while you are asleep.

Is there a monthly subscription requirement?

There is no subscription or added fee. The app is free to use.

Can we wear this device while working out, walking, or running by the beach?

FOCI is designed for use while working at a desk. However, it can differentiate when there is too much movement noise (for instance, from standing or walking). When this happens, it cannot confidently read the breathing signal, and will not generate cognitive state data. Therefore, you can wear FOCI throughout the day and this would not affect its learning.

The product clips on the waist of pants, what if you are where a dress?

The product has an elastic band for clipping if you are wearing a dress.

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