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Product Description

Take your smoking experience to the next level with MagBlunt. This brand new technology combines an engineered glass tube with a magnetic bearing for easy ashing and cleaning.

Product Details
  • ColorsClear Glass
  • Materials
    Glass, Magnet
  • Measurements
    4"L x 2"W x 1"H
  • OriginImported

— 1g Capacity
— Magnetic Asherband
— Easy Loading
— ClogProof
— One Handed Control

Do you just fill the glass pipe with product and light one end of it or is it just a blunt holder?

Yes, that's exactly how you use it. As you smoke, you pull the magnetic ring and bearing, to ash.

Is this for storage or can you actually smoke out of this?

It's actually a pipe. You fill the glass tube with smoking material while having the magnetic ring on the bottom, towards the mouthpiece. As you light up and start smoking, you push up the content and ash out until the magnetic ring reaches the very top (You will then slide it down and refill).

Will it get too hot to hold as you smoke?

No, this is highly engineered glass tubing with layers of coating and will not transfer heat. Therefore, you can hold it without the tube getting hot at all.

What is the mouthpiece end guard in the pipe made out of?

The entire pipe is glass, including the mouthpiece.

Being a heavy smoker, how often would I have to clean it meticulously, before it becomes full of resin?

We recommend cleaning the tube after each session for the best results and smoothest movement of the magnetic bearing inside the glass. However, you can get away with continuously using the piece for maybe 5 or 6 sessions and it should still work properly.

How do you clean it?

You may use any glass cleaner and pipe cleanliness brush to clean the glass. You may also use alcohol+hot water+salt to clean it.

What are the white insert and the mouthpiece insert made of?

Those parts are made from ceramic.

Will the glass brake easily?

The glass will not break easily. It's a specially engineered glass with a coating that protects it more than typical glass.

Do you have replacement glass for it and can you re-use the insert or pieces with a new glass?

We currently do not have the replacement glass. The main cost is the glass and it would make more sense to replace the entire unit compared to just replacing the glass.

But yes. The parts inside come out (for easy cleaning) and also can be used on other glass pieces.

Will the glass become brownish color after smoking it for a while?

Yes. Similar to a glass pipe, it'll collect residue after a while. However, a glass cleaner will simply clean the tube.

Does it matter what type of content you smoke in the pipe?

As long as it is herbs, it'll be fine. Solids or concentrates will not work inside the tube.

Would it be possible to paint the tube?

If you know what you are doing and familiar with glass blowing or know how to paint glass pipes, then sure! It's a highly engineered glass tube.

What is your definition of solids or concentrates?

This means no wax inside the glass. This until is strictly for dry herbs.

Do you have to keep lighting it or, does it stay lit?

It will stay lit. It is very similar to an actual blunt.

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