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Product Description

Transform your smartphone into your own personal cinema with MagiMask. The unique optics provide crystal clear image quality with incredibly high resolution for an unparalleled viewing experience. The MagiMask is also AR-compatible, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in digital worlds with the latest full screen Augmented Reality experiences. No cords, no cables, MagiMask is a mesmerizing experience you can enjoy just about anywhere.

Conventional stereoscopic headsets use a split screen solution, meaning around 75% of the pixels are inactive or duplicates. This results in a low resolution experience. Even a smartphone with a resolution of 1920x1080 will only provide 960x1080. In order to keep the aspect ratio, the image has to be shrunk to 960x540, which turns into 1/4 of the smartphones original resolution. With MagiMask however, you can experience your favorite media in full resolution as it was meant to be seen.

Product Details
  • ColorsPolar Night Black
  • Materials
    EVA, Fabric, ABS, Pmma
  • Measurements
    8"L x 8"W x 5"H
  • OriginChina

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Immersive Headset
— Compatible With iOS & Android
— Perfect For Watching Movies, TV, & Full-screen Augmented Reality Experiences
— Crystal Clear Resolution
— Recommended Portable Cinema Viewing Apps: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, VLC, YouTube, YouTube 360, & Amazon Prime
— Recommended Augmented Reality Apps: Sketchfab, Augment, Kubity, IKEA, Alone, Holo, Sketch AR, Geogebra AR, Jig Space, Civilizations AR, Visible Body AR, Dinopark AR, & Enter the room
— Gaming & Drones: Grand Theft Auto (With Bluetooth Controller), Fortnite (With Bluetooth Controller), DJI (Navigate Drone With Controller, Connect To DJI app)
— Weight: 26.5 oz

— MagiMask
— MagiDice
— MagiTile
— 1 Deck of MagiCards.

What ages can use this product?

This is meant for people 14 years and up.

Are you to be able to watch content on a browser?

Yes, any video playable in a browser can be used in MagiMask.

Can I view pictures on my phone?

Yes, you can create a slideshow with the built-in Photo Album app.

What about watching television?

Any full-screen video app that works hand-held mode works great with MagiMask, including television apps.

How do you control the apps when the phone is inside the Mask?

For the most used controls for movie watching (play/pause/volume up/down) we recommend buying headphones with those controllers included. For switching between episodes, check if the app you are using is compatible with for example this controller ( We also have customers who have steered different apps with keyboard, mouse, voice control, different remote. This really depends on the app you are using.

If I wear glasses, will the view and fit work?

Yes, the new MagiMask headset fits glasses.

How is audio heard? Can I use Bluetooth earbuds at same time?

Yes. You could use Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones (through the double zipper) or just use the speakers on the phone.

If I hold my phone that close to my head I can’t really focus on the content. How do your optics change that experience without headaches?

The MagiMask has a prismatic lens component and a spherical lens power of 10. This compensates for the viewing distance the same way reading glasses do. (If you have astigmatism the huge enlargement of the prism can make it blurry; if you are nearsighted, use glasses).

Can multiple people view same image simultaneously?

For multi-user movie watching: We recommend just synchronizing the start.
For AR-experiences we recommend setting up the AR-scene at the exact same position to have the same reference point. Smart to use a "marker" on the floor to place the AR-object precisely the same place.

Can it play 3D videos?

No, the MagiMask does not have 3D-video.

What about audio?

For audio, we recommend either Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones through the double zipper, or simply use the phone's speakers.

What kind of bluetooth controller do you recommend for gaming?

The SteelSeries Nimbus (iOS) and Stratus XL (Android) works great!

Can this play back 3D content?

No, it plays regular high-definition 2D-content.

If the screen is dirty or has minor cracks does it show also in the view?

Screen smudge and small scratches work fine, but huge central cracks will definitely be seen.

How long is it recommended to have the mask on before it hurts the neck wearing it?

If you have discomfort wearing any type of VR in general, please stop use.

What phone does it fit?

It will fit all phones including and smaller than iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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