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LINK Modular Partition // 22 Pieces

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Product Description

What’s behind this screen? Is it a home office space, a chill-out zone, a compelling exhibit? Create whatever space you need wherever you need it with LINK. This free-standing DIY room divider provides a stylish, flexible, and affordable solution for increased privacy. The modular design means you can easily rearrange the configuration as your needs change. Set them up exactly how you want them, then easily store them away when you're done.

A great alternative to unattractive folding room dividers and screens, LINK is quick to construct and easy to switch up with no tools or hardware involved. You won’t even need instructions to connect these intuitive stacking modules! Once built, LINK’s perforated form lets natural light flow through. Its peekaboo perforations and sleek lines extend an invitation to the curious.

Because it is 95% air, LINK is extremely lightweight, flexible, and mobile. A simple 6.5 ft high by 3.3 ft wide partition weighs a little over 13 pounds—enough to stand firm while remaining light enough to move on a whim. Each piece is made with 100% recyclable, expanded polypropylene that is allergy-friendly, toxin-free, emission-free, and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. This material is waterproof and incredibly durable thanks to billions of closed air cells that absorb impacts before returning to their original shape.

Like water off a duck's back, LINK fends off dirt, spills, and stains of all sorts. The material is unaffected by exposure to oil, grease, petroleum, and most common chemicals. It even has antimicrobial properties to inhibit germs! Just wipe with a damp towel to clean. If you are really serious about cleanliness, you can disinfect and sterilize the furniture with steam.

LINK was designed by PearsonLloyd, an award-winning British design label from London. Their specialized focus on functional elegance makes LINK a profoundly simple and innovative solution for homes and offices alike. With this easy partitioning system in hand, you’ll find yourself seeing new opportunities for creating attractive spaces within your existing rooms.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite
  • Materials
    Expanded Polypropylene (Epp)
  • Measurements
    Each: 11.3”W x 4.7"D x 8.5”H (7.9” H When Stacked)
  • OriginGermany

— Modular Partitioning System & Room Divider
— Set Of 22 Pieces
— Units Can Be Arranged To Form Undulating Or Straight Walls
— Free-Standing
— Quick & Easy To Construct
— Lightweight, Flexible, & Incredibly Durable
— 100% Recyclable Expanded Polypropylene
— Allergy Friendly, Toxin-free, & Emission-free
— Waterproof & Resistant To Chemicals
— Won't Scratch Hardwood Floors or Damage Walls

— Individual Piece: 11.3”W x 8.5”H x 4.7"D (7.9” H When Linked)
— Weight: 0.44 lb Per Piece
— One 22 Piece Set Allows You To Build A 17.2 Square Foot Wall

Please Note: Although LINK generally reacts well to aggressive chemicals, it is advised to always clean using a water-dampened cloth with a mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents.

LINK can be placed outdoors but it is not recommended for continuous exposure to UV light. After months of continuous exposure to direct sunlight outside, there may be a change in the apparent color, and like any other plastic product, it will start chalking. Don't worry though, LINK will continue to be 100% waterproof. As this modular system is so light and easy to move, it's suggested that it is removed from direct sunlight (outdoors) when not in use.

Can it be painted?

Rubber spray paint can be used. Please always try on one module first to check the result.

What is the total width of the twenty two pieces together?

One 22 piece set allows you to build a 17.2 square foot wall

How do I stabilize and have it move if doing a divider wall?

LINK is a freestanding partition. You can push it carefully to adjust the position or reassemble it if you want a new configuration.

Can I glue the base to floor to keep it in place?

LINK is a freestanding but if you really need to fix it to the floor, you can glue the base to the floor. You can either use hot glue or double sided tape.

Are they child friendly?

Yes, absolutely. LINK is toxin-free, allergy friendly, emission-free, and very easy to clean. The modules are very light and withstand multiple impacts without damage (basically no risk for injuries). The material is also used for safety seats for children and snowboard helmets. LINK is easy to build too, so children can unleash their creativity and easily build their own designs, hideouts, dens, little homes and whatever else comes to their mind.

Can they tolerate being outside for prolong periods?

You can use LINK outdoors but it is not recommended for continuous exposure to UV light, due to the nature of the polymer it is made from. After continuous exposure of months to direct sunlight, there may be a change in the apparent color of the furniture.

Can it be set up on carpet?

Yes, the partition can be set on carpet.

Does it keep sound out and if so how many decibels or comparable sound diminishing effect does it have?

The material the LINK partition system is made from has good acoustic properties as it is a closed-cell foam. The material itself absorbs some noise and the design of the LINK structure breaks acoustic waves. The LINK partition is an open structure, so it does not have the same acoustic properties as a built-in wall.

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