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Hextio Air Purifier & Sterilizer

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Product Description

Respiratory viruses are one of the world’s leading causes of death, responsible for an estimated 4.25 million deaths each year. The world around us, especially for the elderly, children, pets, or those with compromised health and immunity, is a frightening cocktail of harmful gases and chemicals. New furniture, paints, carpets and toys release formaldehyde gas, while cleaning products create a lingering cloud of chemicals. Nitrogen dioxide from the road outside can build up, and all this combined can result in environment that can permanently damage children’s developing lungs and cause lifelong illnesses such as asthma.

Armed with advanced air sterilization technology, the Hextio Air Purifier & Sterilizer destroys all air pollutants including viruses, bacteria, and traffic pollution so you can protect your home from all airborne dangers.

The core filter is based on patented Viruskiller™ technology - the highest-certified clean air technology to date, which uses UV-C Radiation and a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) photocatalytic surface to create the world’s most powerful oxidants and hydroxyl radicals. This reactor chamber works at the molecular level, neutralizing (not just trapping) particles - even nano-sized particles. It uses ultimate reflection and refraction to amplify the power of the UV lamp by 10 times. Even though Hextio is small in size, it is big in capability. With a 99.9999% kill rate on respiratory viruses in a single air exchange, Hextio is designed to keep you safe.

Traditional air purifiers use HEPA filters, which are effective at catching coarse particles such as pollen, dust and smoke, but it just holds them until you clean the filter, it doesn't actually eliminate them, and nanoparticles, including viruses, can't be caught. Nanoparticles are the most dangerous type of air pollution because they can reach the deepest parts of the lung and be transferred into the bloodstream. These are too small to be caught in HEPA filters and must be destroyed. Hextio uses the world’s most advanced photo-catalytic oxidation reactor chamber to destroy nanoparticles before they can do you harm.

This technology is being used in the places where the air quality is a matter of life and death, such as hospitals, army camps and post-natal wards. To see the power of Hextio’s destruction abilities, it was tested by the International Laboratories KCL on some of the most difficult pollutants to neutralize: Hextio carries the Viruskiller™ 99.9999% kill rate of all respiratory viruses.

Surround yourself with a clean air cloud, regardless where you are and how big of a room you are in. Direct the air towards you and displace polluted air. It even has built-in automatic functions; the sensor and the remote control let you decide how you want to use the unit. When the air quality is poor, it lights up red and turns to full power.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    12.9"L x 4.2"W x 5"H
  • OriginSouth Korea

— Viruskiller™ Certified Air Purifier + Sterilizer
— Kills All Three Particle Classifications of Air Pollution (Dirty, Sick, Toxic)
— Even Neutralizes Nano Particles
— Sleep Mode Turns Off All Lights on The Fan and Reduces the Noise Level
— Portable Size and Weight for Moving from Room to Room
— Also Works an Essential Oil Diffuser You Can Use Your Own Fragrance in The Hood, Including Dry Herbs
— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Power Pack Can Handle All Voltages
— Designed For Single Room
— Covers 20-25 Sq. Meters
— Recommended To Clean Lightly Every Month Around Air Inlet
— Replace Carbon Filter Every 6 Months
— Replace Reactor Cells Every 8000 Hours

— Fragrance Filter Hoot
— Directional Flow Hood
— Remote Control
— Wall Bracket
— Instructions
— 2 Spare Carbon Filters

Does this create ozone?

This product is certified as ozone free for the lifetime of the reactor chamber (8000 hours).

The unit tells you when the reactor chamber needs replacing.

What is the cost of carbon filter & reactor cells? Also, where can they be bought?

The cost of a pack of 2 activated carbon filters is $10
The cost of a reactor cell is $60
They are both readily available online on the vendor's website ( or Amazon.

Does this model emit high EMF?

This is an electronic product with a high energy UV light inside so it does emit fairly high EMF.

Does this unit generate O2 or just clean the air?

This unit cleans the air.

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