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Squatx Max Plus 85 Exercise System

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Product Description

The SmithShaper® SQUATX™ MAX PLUS 85 Exercise System is a robust fitness package with two durable and compact SmithShaper multipurpose exercisers: the SQUATX PRO rolling bodyweight and resistance band exerciser and the TR-BAR™ PLUS tee resistance band strength and balance exerciser. Together, this total physical conditioning & strength training bundle provides 85 exercises to suit your workout needs and ensure you never get bored with your daily workout. This multipurpose exerciser will challenge you and help you increase your core strength and balance as you target muscle groups throughout your body including legs, glutes, abs, obliques, chest, shoulders, and arms.

The SQUATX PRO helps you perform perfect-posture wall squats and various other body-shaping and strengthening exercises spanning from beginner forearm ab rolls to advanced spider man push-ups. Worn like a backpack, the device and the wall combine to offset the load forces on your knees and back—allowing for high repetitions of rolling wall squats that are less risky than traditional squats.

This backpack design also gives you the ability to move and shadow box with loop band resistance so you can get more out of workout in less time. Complete with innovative resistance loop handles for a more secure grip, SQUATX ensures the resistance bands don't come into contact your skin to prevent any possible discomfort or band tension burns associated with traditional unanchored exercises.

The SmithShaper® TR-BAR PLUS is the big brother of the original T-BAR, complete with a wide, detachable grip top bar. This multipurpose exerciser provides a highly effective way to perform a variety of resistance exercises to tone, shape, strengthen, and build muscle. It enables movement, balance, core training, and a variety of full-body muscle development exercises while retaining the ability to instantly transform into a traditional straight resistance bar with the included door anchor. Use the TR-BAR in conjunction the SQUATX to perform shoulder presses and chest presses when doing SQUATX Power Squats and more.

The SmithShaper® Super Pad is a premium quality, 1" thick, anti-fatigue exercise pad. It has a wide 14" surface area to easily fit knees, forearms, lower back or head to provide excellent cushioning and comfort during your workout routine. Made from the same material used for expensive high quality anti-fatigue standing pads, the Super Pad is soft, flexible and comfortable while remaining tough, durable, and highly shock absorbent.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlue, Silver, Black
  • OriginUnited States

— Provides 85 Exercises In One
— Also Includes (2) 42-inch Resistance Loop Bands, (2) 36-inch Resistance Loop Bands, (3) Carabiners, & Instructions For All Exercises

— Combination Bodyweight Resistance Rolling Exerciser & Resistance Band Exerciser
— Adjustable Elastic Straps
— Rolling Bodyweight Resistance Exercises Like Ab Rolls, Core Crushes, Hamstring Curls, Plank Walks, Lunges, Ice Skaters, & More
— Backpack Design For Unrestricted Movement
— Combined With Upper Body Exercises Like Shadow Boxing, Pivot Punching, & Resistance Band Exercises
— Innovative Patent Pending Resistance Loop Handles
— Six Non-marking Wheels Won't Damage Your Floors Or Wall
— Includes Two Resistance Connector Eyebolts (Require Installation)
— Max Weight Capacity: 400 lb
— Measures: 12.25"L x 16.5"W x 2.25"H
— Weight: 3 lb. 4.4 oz
— Constructed Of ABS, Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Thermoplastic Rubber And Metal

— Resistance Band Strength & Balance Exerciser
— Enables Movement, Balance, Core Training & A Variety Of Full-body Muscle Development Exercises
— Improves Aerobic Conditioning & Balance
— Instantly Transforms To Work As A Traditional Straight Resistance Bar With Included Door Anchor
— Detachable 30" x 1.25" Padded Bar
— 13.5" Aluminum Center Post
— (2) Attached Metal O-rings
— (2) Wire Pin Snap Locks
— Measures: 16"L x 15.5"W x 2"H
— Weight: 1 lb. 8.2 oz.
— Constructed Of Aluminum, Nylon, Nitrile Rubber (NBR) And Rubber

— Protects Knees, Elbows, Forearms And Head When Performing SmithShaper Isometric Rolling Exercises
— Soft, Flexible And Comfortable
— Tough, Durable And Highly Shock Absorbent
— Odor Resistant
— Eco-friendly Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Composition
— Will Not Tear Or Easily Scuff During Normal Use Unless Accidentally Subjected To Sharp Objects
— Material: Nitrile Rubber Material (NBR) at 90% Density
— Measurements: 14" x 11" x 1"
— Weight: 12 oz.

How long do the resistance loop bands last before needing to be replaced? Will there be other resistance loop bands that offer different levels of resistance?

The good news is these are very durable loop resistance bands with a very high stretch potential. SQUATX bands are thin but extremely strong. We have yet to see one snap. The reason we provide four bands is so you can double up or add triple resistance, not because they aren't going to last. Included in the package are instructions related to how customers can replace SQUATX bands. You can also purchase any standard loop band. The TR-BAR and TR-BAR Plus support all loop band sizes.

The SQUATX handles support up to 15mm of band thickness and a band width of one inch. You can comfortably fit two 5mm thick bands, one up to one inch wide and the other up to 1/2 inch wide at the same time in the SQUATX handles and the SQUATX loop connector bolts.

What is the total weight in pounds that the resistance bands produce?

All resistance bands provide mechanical tension like free weights so similar muscle strengthening results can be achieved. Of course, when working out with bands you really don't know what weight resistance you are up against and that's tough for people that want to know if they are getting stronger or not. However, what's nice about resistance bands is that the user can easily increase or decrease resistance based upon band length and distance from the anchor.

We provide four loop bands in every package. Two are 36" in length and two are 42" in length. Don't let their 3/4" width and 1/16" thickness fool you, as these loop bands are highly effective because of their fantastic elasticity and strength. This provides you a greater ability to control the resistance of each band. Our bands can each emulate at least 50 lb with maximum tension applied.

Does this package come with exercise instructions or app?

The package does include illustrated instructions for each of the eighty-five exercises.

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