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USB Charger Camera + 32GB Internal Memory

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Product Description

This USB Charger Camera is a high-tech security camera built into a regular phone charger, making it virtually undetectable. Monitor your home, office, children, pets, and more. Simply plug the device into an A/C outlet to activate HD video and audio recording. It also really works as a phone charger for the perfect disguise.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack
  • Measurements
    1.8"L x 1"W x 1"H

— Warranty: 1 Year
— Video Format: AVI
— Video Coding: M-JPEG
— Video Resolution: 1920x1080
— Aspect Ratio: 4:3
— Storage Support: 32G

How do you play back what has been recorded and how do you delete to free up space on memory?

You will be able to view/delete images and videos using your file browser. Connect the camera via USB to your computer to gain access.

Can you set it to not overwrite once storage is at capacity?

The device's preset is on loop-recording, which means it automatically overwrites previous footage if memory is full. It is not possible to have the device NOT overwrite when storage reaches capacity.

With 32GB internal memory, the device can record 3-5hr of HD 1920*1080P video footages. You may change the setting to have the device record on lower resolution, for longer recording time.

The motion detection feature also helps with the recording time, because the camera stops recording when it detects no moving objects for over 3 minutes.

At what distance does the motion detection sensor register motion?

The sensor registers motion at 3 meters, roughly 9.8 feet.

At what height should the plug be located?

At any height! The camera is built in to the USB charger, most customers plug it to waist-height outlets, like by the kitchen countertop.

What angle does the lens have?

The lens has a 90 degree angle to the horizon, so it records directly from the USB hub much like seeing through from there.

Does it have night vision?

It does not have night vision.

How do you change setting to motion mode?

If you mean motion detection, the camera stops recording when it detects no moving objects for over 3 minutes.

Are the recordings time stamped?

Yes - the footages are timestamped.

Can the video be frozen for printable pictures?

Since it's not a wifi camera that you can stream/control from another device, this model does not support picture taking.

Look for wi-fi capabilities such as the following model:
Security Wifi USB
Security Wifi Clock

Or this wristband takes pictures with a "shake" movement:
Security Wristband

Can you connect to an iPhone without using a computer?

The data in the memory card has to be accessed from a laptop or computer. It can not connect to mobile devices.

How long does it record?

32GB records 4-6hr of footage depending on the resolution you set it at. Since it's plugged in the power source, it will not run out of battery,
footage continues on loop-recoding, meaning when the memory card is full, the device continues to record and overwrite old footages. Please note, there is no app required.

Does it have to be plugged into the wall for it to work?

It does not have a built-in battery, so it must be plugged in to record.

Is there a light that turns on when you plug this in?

You should not see any visible/noticeable light turned on when it's plugged in and recording.

Does this record sound as well?

Yes, this product also records sounds.

How does it turn on & off, as in, does it begin recording as soon as you plug it in and stop recording as soon as you unplug it?

Yes, this device starts recording automatically when plugged in and turns off when unplugged.

Can it be used in cold weather?

The cameras are designed to operate at room temperature between 15C (59F) to 25C (77F), the temperature outside this range and/or unexpected weather conditions would not be recommended for recording.

Can you view the feed remotely?

No, this device does not support live-streaming via wifi.

Can it charge a phone or device while recording?

The device operates as a fully functional USB adapter.

Does it have an expandable memory slot?

With the built-in memory, there's no memory extension for this model.

Is the device motion activated or does it run continuously?

The camera stops recording when it detects no moving objects for over 3 minutes.

How do you turn off time stamp?

The time stamp cannot be turned off. It is to ensure the recordings are in order and the device is recording new footages.

How is the camera quality?

It has a Video Resolution of 1920x1080.

Does it come with a USB cord and storage?

Yes, this model comes with 32GB built-in memory and a USB cable.

Can I connect it to my TV?

It cannot be connected to a TV.

What does the light mean?

The light is only an indicator for on/off switch when taking a close look. It should not be noticeable during recordings.

Can it also be plugged into a 220 volt outlet?

Yes, this device can be plugged into 110-240V 50-60Hz outlets.

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