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Patriot Mask // ALG Health // N95 Respirator // 10-Pack // Regular Size

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Product Description

ALG Health PATRIOT MASKS are health care respirators designed to provide excellent respiratory protection for the wearer. Patriot N95 masks meet CDC, NIOSH, and FDA guidelines for exposure control. As a disposable particulate respirator, it is intended to reduce wearer exposure to certain airborne particles including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments. As a surgical mask, it is designed to be fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious materials.

These NIOSH N95s are the kind of masks that have been extremely restricted to only medical professionals until very recently. Unlike other masks that claim to filter 95%+, these N95s are actually certified by the US government to do so. They are medical grade surgical masks that are being used in ICUs around the country. Patriot Masks received their approvals for the FDA 510k Surgical Respirator classification. Patriot Mask respirators are a Class II Medical Device. It is rated to provide 95%+ filtration by NIOSH, which is a part of the CDC, which is part of the US department of HHS.

Patriot N95 masks are disposable particulate respirators that are designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection of at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles. They are effective for construction-related respiratory particle protection during activities such as sanding, sawing, grinding, lawn mowing, sweeping, dry-wall sanding, woodworking, and working with fiberglass insulating particles. ALG Health N95 respirators are also effective protection against particles such as mold, granular pesticides, allergens, and dust.

Use For:
— Medical clinics and operating rooms
— Infection control requirements
— Emergency planning and preparedness
— Laboratory procedures

Do Not Use For:
— For atmospheres less than 19.5% oxygen
— For gases and vapors, including oil aerosols, etc.
— For repeated use following NIOSH guidelines
— If modified or used for unintended purposes
— After the expiration date of 3 years after manufacture date (printed on the bottom of the box)

Fitting Instructions:
— Hold the respirator in hand and with the nosepiece at your fingertips. Allow headbands to hang freely below hand.
— Wear the respirator firmly against your face with the nosepiece on the bridge of your nose.
— Stretch and pull the lower headband over the head and position below your ears. Stretch and pull the top headband on the back of your head above your ears.
— Press soft metal to conform snugly around your nose.

Seal Check
— To test the fit of a respirator without an exhalation valve, cup both hands over the respirator and exhale sharply.
— If air flow is felt in the nose area, re-adjust/tighten the nose clip.
— If air flow is felt around the edges of the respirator, re-position the respirator or head straps to achieve a better fit.

— Change the mask immediately if breathing becomes difficult or mask becomes damaged or distorted.
— Change the respirator if a proper face seal cannot be achieved.
— Careful observance of these instruction is an important step in sale respirator use.

Note: Before purchasing, please check with local guidelines and recommendations to see if this product is suitable for your intended use.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite
  • Materials
    Non Woven Electrostatic Fabric
  • Measurements
    6"L x 5"W x 2"H
  • OriginUnited States

— Pack of 10 FDA 510k Surgical Respirators
— Class II Medical Device
— NIOSH-Approved N95 (TC-84A-9259)
— 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) According To ASTM F2101
— Protects Against Particles Such As Mold, Granular Pesticides, Allergens, & Dust
— Adjustable Galvanized Metal Nose Clip For Custom Fit
— Spandex Nose Foam Sponge Bar For All Day Comfort
— Dual Nylon Elastic Headbands
— No Breathing Valve (Prevents Droplet Spread)
— Latex Free & Lightweight
— Preformed Molded Cup Shape
— All Material & Assembly Proudly Made in Ohio, USA
— Inner Layers: Dual Needle Punch Soft Cotton
— Filter Layers: Melt-Blown Non-Woven Electrostatic Fabric x2
— Outer Layer: Spun Bound Cloth Non-Woven Fabric
— 99.7% Overall Filter Efficiency According To ICS Laboratories Inc.
— Meets NIOSH Inhalation Procedure Testing TEB-APR-STRP-0007
— Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a) Compliant
— Compatible With A Variety of Eyewear
— Fluid Resistant & Disposable

— Regular Size: Suitable For Most Adults Taller Than 5'5" And Individuals With High Nose Bridges
— Small Size: Suitable For Children Under 16 Years Old, Adults Under 5'5", And Individuals With Low Nose Bridges

All NIOSH-Approved N95 respirators are certified for 3-years (36 months) from the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date and expiration date are listed on the bottom of every box.

All NIOSH N95 masks were originally designed to be disposable after 8 hours of continuous wear. However, due to the scarcity caused by the pandemic, there is now an approved method for reusing one mask for up to 1 week at a time (maximum 15-20 wears / 30 total hours). Between uses during the week, simply store the mask within a sealed plastic ziplock bag. The purpose of this is to keep the mask clean and free of dust between wearing sessions. Excess dust and debris can reduce the filtration capacity (due to the mask's electrostatic nature) if not stored within a plastic bag.

While protective equipment can help reduce the spread of germs, no mask or other product is capable of protecting you 100% against any dangerous substance or virus. We cannot and expressly do not guarantee that masks or other products will completely protect against or prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

WARNING: These respirators help reduce exposures to certain airborne contaminants. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging. In the U.S., a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the requirements of OSHA 1910.134 including training, fit testing and medical evaluation. In Canada, CSA standards Z94.4 requirements must be met and/or requirements of the applicable jurisdiction, as appropriate. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see package instructions.

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