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The Termitat® is a remarkable desktop habitat that gives you an up close look at a colony of forest-dwelling Dampwood Termites. This unique exhibit for your home, office, or classroom keeps the termites secure within a museum-quality habitat, resulting in a stunning piece of living art for your home.

Pacific Dampwood Termites are among the largest termites in North America. They thrive in moist, decaying logs on the forest floor in the Pacific Northwest. Often ignored due to their unfortunate misrepresentation as "just a pest,” this complex species is incredibly fascinating to observe. As scientists, architects and even robotics engineers study these amazing creatures, they are discovering how sophisticated termite adaptations are and the instrumental part these insects play in Earth’s ecology. Termites are the 200 million year old master recyclers of the Earth’s carbon who also share a social behavior system similar to ours. Those are pretty good tricks by any standard.

With this easy to care for habitat, these masters of social organization will give you years of enjoyable learning, wonder, and entertainment. However, these are live animals living in a closed environment and they will need occasional attention as with any other pet.

Upon receiving your Termitat®, check for a healthy and lively colony. Be sure to check the wood disk at least twice a week to observe whether a small area is visibly darker and damper than the surrounding wood, and add just enough spring water or distilled water to keep this small area damp. These termites do best at temperatures that we humans also find comfortable, so a cool, low light spot on a desk or shelf is the perfect place to show off your incredible colony.

Product Details
  • Measurements
    11"L x 9"W x 4.5"H
  • OriginUnited States

— Acrylic Desktop Habitat For Live Colony of Pacific Dampwood Termites
— Contains Enough Wood To Maintain The Colony For 3-5 Years
— Set Includes 32 Page Care Instruction Book & Water Syringe


How long do they live? Do you need to add more wood at some time?

The colony theoretically could live forever. As long as there is a source of wood and they are safe from enemies (mainly ants), they will prosper.

The wood in the Termitat will last from 3-5 years depending on its care and the corresponding level of reproduction by the colony. When the majority of the wood is eaten, the Termitat can be returned and a rebuild with new wood can be purchased.

Does it mean there is a fertilized queen (for reproduction) or are these just drones?

The male and female "workers" (not a specialized cast) are made up of "nymphs" that go through up to 6 molts. Each time they molt they can become more a specialized body type. (ie: male and female soldiers or supplementary reproductives). You'll get eventual reproduction in the colony and soldiers for their protection.

Does it smell? Can they get out?

Nope! No smell at all. Fact: Their sense of smell is thousands of times more sensitive than ours. Their soldiers can smell a non-colony member of the same species. They will dispatch the intruder.

Unless you smash with a hammer, they can't get out. And they would not be able to establish themselves with any success from a release like this.

After use, how do you get rid of it?

If there are still living termites, the best way is to freeze.

What type of care do the termites require?

They require just a bit of water once in a while.

If its a closed system how do you add water?

There is a small tube incorporated into the upper support rod. You get a rubber-tipped syringe to inject water into this at the very top of the grey ring.

If they need to be kept in a cool setting, then how do they get by in the hot summer months?

They do best at temperatures that humans feel comfortable with. As long as they stay at those and let's say below 80ºF for any length of time, they'll do ok.

Do different types of light make a difference in their life and what about temp?

They are pretty accepting of any light. If you have a speakeasy with red lights, they do not respond to red. Just choose a low light area with no direct sun.
They like temps that humans like. There are limits to what you can subject them to and for how long. All covered in the directions.

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