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PYTHON H2 Bionic Molecular Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Product Description

The PYTHON H2 Bionic Water Bottle transforms normal bulk water into hydrogen-infused activated water with zero plastic-to-water contact area, improving hydration, performance, and health. EMF, EMP, EMR radiation block.

Imagine drinking water from a glacial mountain river, flowing with constant friction, air pressure, and oxygenation, this water is activated and will energize you for weeks. Water put in plastic bottles and stored in dark warehouses loses its innate ability to function as the elixir of life. We drink gallons and still feel dehydrated, tired, and can't focus. Sounds familiar? Our bionic H2 Hydrogen bottle is here to change that, activating atomic hydrogen and oxygen in the water to unlock its real energy potential.

This bottle creates micro-clustered buffered and activated water for deeper cellular hydration and electron delivery, ensuring your body absorbs every drop for maximum benefit. This water's pH does not degrade when it comes in contact with your stomach acid and helps neutralize harmful acidity, fostering better health and real alkaline benefits, fostering imbalances.

Hydrogens go far beyond just antioxidants. Bionic-activated water upregulates gene expression which activates deeply layered pathways of regeneration, metabolism harmonization, performance, and longevity while protecting cells and downregulating inflammatory markers. Most antioxidants can't penetrate membranes and are limited in their cellular distribution, hydrogen can easily penetrate biomembranes and infiltrate into the mitochondria and the nucleus, transforming positively charged oxidants into hydrating water molecules.

Uplift your performance with bionic hydrogen and oxygen-rich water. increase energy, sharpen focus, and accelerate recovery time with just water and nothing else. Perfect for long-haul flights, travel, home use, academia, and sports.

Most PEM membranes today are blocking oxygen out, only allowing hydrogen using a thin electroplated platinum foil on top of a piece of plastic. That is what a DuPont PEM membrane is. In case it's a DuPont membrane, open your bottle and check. Our membranes are made of solid titanium-sintered platinum, allowing a calculated amount of atomic oxygen to enter the water. This atomic hydrogen and oxygen-rich water have extremely high energetic potential, about 8 eV, or 2 million Gigahertz, or 772kj/mol. In comparison, the fastest CPU today gets up to 6 Gigahertz. In other words, water is inherently the biggest energy source known to us.

Enjoy the simplicity of a one-button hydrogen functionality. The cup is layered with self-cleaning 904L surgical steel, so you can sustain your health regimen without much washing hassle.

The Python Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle is your everyday ally, offering the benefits of antioxidant, and cellular hydration anytime, anywhere—effortlessly supporting your health journey and health.

Savor the purity with our bottle's borosilicate glass design, which is not only durable and resistant to thermal shock but also preserves the freshness and taste of your hydrogen-rich water.

We programmed LEDs to complement the hydrogen generator wait time with specific color spectrums known to improve sleep, boost energy, calm, and relax. Simply watch the colors change!

Product Details
  • ColorsSpace Grey
  • Materials
    Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Titanium, Platinum, Double Layered Crystalline Borosilicate Glass, Tritan
  • Measurements
    3"L x 3"W x 8.1"H
  • OriginUnited States

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 100 Day
— Model: PH2
— Capacity: 300ml
— Purification MethodIonization, Alkaline pH Balance, Chlorine ReductionIonization, Alkaline pH Balance, Chlorine Reduction
— Side: Φ70mm*228mm
— 2000mAh Lithium Battery
— Water Temperature: 5°C-80°C
— Water To Be Used: Purified Water
— Charging Interface: DC5V 2A
— Processing Time: 5min
— What is the maximum H2 ppb/ppm amount this bottle can produce?: At sea level elevation, normal air pressure, and room temperature, the maximum dissolving amount of hydrogen gas in water is 1600 ppb or 1.6 ppm. Our bottle reaches that amount and maintains it for up to 2h before slowly decreasing.

— Hydrogen Bottle
— Charging Cable
— Adapter

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