BEDDI 2.0 Intelligent Alarm Clock

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Product Description

The BEDDI 2.0 Intelligent Alarm Clock is a smart wake-up system, a charging hub, and a functional work of electronic art, all in one. You can wake up naturally with an LED light show that gently simulates the sunrise, play your favorite music when and how you schedule it, and fall asleep faster with soothing white noise. And that's just the beginning.

With the multicolored mood lights, you can ease yourself into each day and wake up naturally and gradually. The light offers a harmonious glow, gradually increasing in brightness for 30 minutes (or the amount of time you choose) before your alarm time, to gently prepare your body to wake up, rather than a loud noise jerking you out of REM sleep, and crashing your energy levels for the rest of the day. The adjustable brightness and color settings also make the lights perfect as a reading lamp, nightlight, or just a touch of customizable ambience.

The lights will even pulse in time with your music, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Sync up your phone or tablet, and listen wirelessly to your latest favorites anytime you want. The speaker is even fully integrated with Spotify Premium and Apple Music, so you can simply hit a button to trigger a saved playlist or select different ones to set as your alarm - with different times for different days. Just download the free BEDDI app and take control of your alarm, auto time sync, music, mood lights and wake up lights, all from a single interface.

You can also use the app to connect everything in your home, as well as configure your best wake up and sleep experience. The 3 smart buttons summon your smart home control including Nest, Philips Hue, and LIFX.

An integrated white noise generator also provides pleasant background sounds, for those with trouble sleeping. BEDDI features five relaxing nature sounds (Wind, Fan, Rain, Ocean, and Forest) that help you fall asleep fast. You can control the levels of the sound from the app, for the perfect way to wind down at night.

BEDDI even features 2 convenient USB fast-charging ports, so you can charge your phone, tablet, smart watch and more right on your nightstand or table, without having to hunt up extra outlets or adapters and it's designed to be faster than a wall outlet.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    12.99"L x 5.01"W x 4.13"H
  • OriginImported

— Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's
— Smart Home Integration
— Bluetooth Connectivity
— App Controlled Alarm Clock Works With iOS & Android
— Up To 4 Separate Alarms
— 4 Brightness Settings (Including Off)
— Wake Up & Night Light
— White Noise Generator
— 2 Integrated 3W Speakers
— 2 x USB Charging Ports
— Indoor Temperature
— Power Input: AC Adaptor DC = 5V 3A
— 110 - 240V
— Charging Output: 3A Shared USB Ports
— Weight: 626g

Package Contents
— BEDDI 2.0
— 5V 3A Power Adaptor
— FM Antenna

How many alarms does it have? Can you set more than one alarm for the same day so have different times for spouses?

BEDDI 2 can have up to four separate alarms. Yes, you can set it for the same day and at different times.

Does it change time from daylight saving time to stander automatically?

Yes, It changes time automatically. As soon as it connects to your phone it woill sync the time right away.

Does the alarm work even when the power goes out?

No, the BEDDI 2 does not have an alternative power supply.

Does it have a snooze function? If so, how many minutes?

Yes Snooze is supported with BEDDI 2. You may set the snooze time in the BEDDI app. You may select from 10 min, 5 min, 1 min, or a decreasing mode 10 min for the first time, then 5 min for the second time, and 1 min for 3rd time.

Do you need internet to use this product?

Most of the features are controlled within the BEDDI App with Bluetooth. You don't need Bluetooth or Internet if you only want to set up one alarm or listen to FM radio or listen to white noise. However, if you need smart function like controlling LIFX or HUE or play Spotify, you will need the internet for logging in and set up.

Does Amazon Alexa work with it?

No, BEDDI 2 does not work with Amazon Alexa.

Does it charge the phone with a case on it?

You need to plug in the charging cable from the back of BEDDI 2 to your phone. The phone holder on top can hold a phone with normal phone case.

Can you set the alarm for specific time and days of the week?

Yes, you can set the alarm time with the App! You can set alarm time on a certain day of the week, the volume of the alarm, or together with wake-up light or not.

Does this alarm project the time in the ceiling?

No, the alarm cannot project the time. It only displays on the unit itself.

Can you keep the light on blue?

Yes, for the bottom mood light, you can control with the BEDDI app on your smartphone. You can pick the color you like and select to keep it on or fading or changing color.

Is there a monthly charge?

No, there isn't a monthly charge.

Is there FM radio built-in?

Yes, there is FM radio. You can scan and set up Station with the app. Afterward, you can play the channel you set on BEDDI 2.

How heavy is it?

It weighs around 570g.

Can you set the time to display in 24 hours, or is it just 12 hour, am/pm function?

You can set 12/24 hour display inside the app.

What are the colors?

BEDDI 2 only comes in Black. The light at the bottom can be adjusted to any color with your smartphone app.

How loud is the alarm? Can you charge an Android phone or just an iPhone?

You can control the volume from the app and the clock itself. It's roughly 50dB at max. You can charge any smartphone as long as you plug in a USB cable from the back of BEDDI 2 to your phone.

Can you set customized alarms using Spotify or Apple Music songs?

Yes, the alarm sound can be customized using a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. For Spotify, you must be a paid premium customer to enjoy this feature.
Also, you will need a very stable internet and Bluetooth connection between your phone and BEDDI 2 throughout the night to use music as an alarm.

Does product need battery? Does it work unplugged?

Yes, BEDDI 2 needs to connect to a power adapter when use. However, there is a backup battery in case of a power outage, but that would only keep the clock running and other functions will not work. You must plug in BEDDI 2 with a power adapter to use.

Can the light follow circadian rhythm for evening and morning?

You need to set up the White wake up light at the back of BEDDI 2 to gradually on or off with the app. You can set the brightness, and set the light with an alarm. For example, you can set up the wake up light to be brightest level, and it gradually light up 10 minutes before alarm time.

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